About Us

  Steve Cooley

Steve and his dad got into the car restoring business in 1962 when his dad bought a junk yard.  Along with the junkyard came 2 Model Ts.  They restored one and Steve has been going ever since.  In the front yard of his shop, if you look carefully off to the left stands Steve’s first car.  A Model T.



Cheryl Cooley

Cheryl met and married Steve in Lake County.  In 1984 they  went on their own and opened the business over 28 years ago.  Cheryl is in charge of the office, all billing and anything else that falls her way.




Eric has been with the Cooleys for only one and a half years, but has been working on old cars for over 37 years.  Also during that time Eric served a 21 year stint in the United States Air Force doing heavy structual maintanance.  One of Erics projects while in the USAF was rebuilding an old Jap Zero which is now in the Smithonian Museum



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